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  Certified superior efficiency compared to overseas products
  Lowest price due to newly developed and simple manufacturing processing
  Environmental friendly manufacturing processing yielding no second contaminants.

NT-Series can be used by putting powder itself into various materials or mixing with binder. NANO can adjust properties such as purity, dopant and specific surface area according to application.
The test of air purification (Reduction of NOx):
ㆍNOx conversion 100% at 200 ~400
ㆍKeeping high activity at wide range temperature compared to another orerseas product.

The test of decomposition of organic compounds (4-CP Decomposition):
ㆍ4-CP(Chlorophenol)concentration vs time under UV-irradiation
ㆍAfter 90min, photocatalytic efficiency of NANO TiO2 is 20 to 30% higher than others.
Antibacterial Test (Reduction of Staphylococcus):
ㆍUnder UV-irradiation
ㆍAfter 10minutes sterilized over than 99.3%
ㆍAfter 20minutes sterilized over than 99.9%
ㆍWithout UV-irradiation
ㆍAfter 10minutes sterilized over than 15%